Omrah Jordan- Jerusalem -Madine and Makka 17 days

Omrah Jordan- Jerusalem -Madine and Makka 17 days

February 08: Paris - Amman arrival at 9 p.m. night at the 4 star hotel in Amman.

February 09 morning breakfast, direction Wadi Rum via Karak, Visit Al-Mazar (Religious and archaeological sites of the district of Mu'ta and south of Mazar

It is an Islamic historical site located 14 km south of Karak. It contains 3 graves of the companions who were martyred in the battle of Mu'tah: Abdullah bin Raw ahah, Zaid bin Al-Haritha and Jafar bin Abi Taleb. Muslim rulers have paid attention to these shrines, and there are currently marble panels with Kufic script inscriptions. The Fatimids, Ayyubids and Mamluks were interested in these shrines, and the remaining archaeological inscriptions bear witness to this.

And transport to Wadi Rum, desert tour in 4/4 Jeep and dinner and overnight in Wadi Rum.

February 10: Wadi Rum -Jerusalem,: jerusalem (kods) from 10 to 15 morning Jerusalem palestine visit Bethlehem mosque Elaqsa ariha Haiffa mount of olive trees, panoramic Selman mosque bewildered Church of Nativity Mosque Omar radia Allahou alyehi, el Khalil the sacred mosque of Seydina Ibrahim sawas visit of an orphelina in el Khalil Ramallah ect.

After breakfast, early in the morning, Transfer to Allenby Bridge, crossing to Palestine. After the border control, our staff will receive you on the Palestinian side. Transfer to Jerusalem. After checking into the hotel, you can then proceed to Al-Aqsa Mosque for prayer and take a look at the Dome of the Rock. Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem. 4 * starred hotel

February 11 and 12 and 13 and 14: Jerusalem: jerusalem (kods) from 10 to 15 morning Jerusalem palestine visit betleem mosque elaqsa ariha haifa mount of olives, panoramic mosque selmen elfarisi church of nativity mosque omar radiaAllahou alyehi, elkhalil the sacred mosque of seyidina Ibrahim sawas visit of an orphan at elkhalil ramallah ect

February 15: full of visits back to the green jordan allenby bridge (zayarat ahle elkahf then sohaba radia Allahou aanhoum) and dinner and departure green Medina in the evening at 11:50 pm arrival Medina 2:40 5 days Medina in a hotel CRWON PLAZA IN BREAKFAST 5 STAR OHUD VISIT AND KOUBAA AND PALMERAIS MOSQUE

February 16: Medina.

February 17: Medina (visit Olaa Madayen Saleh) and Khayber and night in Medina

February 18: Medina.

February 19: Mediana Mekka by bus 6 hours on the road, night at the Mekka. Hotel Ajiad Mekka.

February 20: Mekka

February 21: Mekka

February 22: Mekka

February 23: Mekka

February 24: time to leave Mekka 'at 11:00 p.m. midnight to leave green Jedda for the return to Paris Jedda - Jordan - Paris

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The price includes

Flight ticket

Jerusalem 5 nights with breakfast and dinner at a 4-star hotel

Jordan two nights with breakfast and dinner in a 4 star hotel

Medina 4 nights with breakfast Crown Plaza Hotel

Mekkah 5 nights with breakfast. Marriott or Ajyad Makarim

Departure tax from Jordan to Jerusalem and back

Jordan and Jerusalem Facilities Guide

PCR Exam Jordan, Saudi Arabia

Transport Jordan Palestine Saudi Arabia

Visa for Jordan and Saudi Arabia (and for Arab Jerusalem, passports must be sent within 30 days)

Reception in Jordan and Palestine and Saudi Arabia

Dine in a good Jordanian restaurant in Jordan

Jeep tour in Wadi Rum



The program does not include

Lunches in Jordan and Jerusalem and Saudi Arabia

Dinner in Saudi Arabia

Personal expenses

Tips for hotels, guides and drivers in Jordan, Jerusalem and Saudi Arabia

Visa for Jerusalem, if applicable

Entrances to tourist sites: Jordan, Jerusalem and Saudi Arabia.

  Umrah Makboula

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